Re-architecting your legacy application can help you innovate faster with new cloud based technologies and solutions that help you scale and delivery value faster.


Migrating to the cloud is a journey that can present you many roadblocks. The right migration strategy can help mitigate any risk or hiccups you face during the migration process.


We use the right toolset, platforms and frameworks to migrate and re-architect applications that can be tested for functionality, reliability, security and performance.


Automated integration and unit testing ensures code coverage and quality consistently. This helps our client with the confidence on every release.


Continuous integration and delivery enables us to rapidly and frequently deploy services or components of the application with peace of mind.


Monitoring all the aspect of the application by leveraging open source tools to manage gives our clients the ability to be proactively identify and fix issues.

Technology Stack and Tools


DesignTech - Academy Management & LMS​

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Compliance training and reporting for CAD Training Academy.

  • Educational content creation
  • Assessment, quiz and its hooks to Course
  • Manage centers, events, news, users, students
  • Grades
  • Gamification in learning
  • Capture user experience
  • xAPI Support & Analytics

Torpedu - Social Engagement & LMS​

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Deep Integration with LMS to analyze user engagement and learning outcomes

  • Capture user experience while going through the course content
  • Certified xAPI Integration
  • Tested API
  • Allows companies to execute their “go to market” strategy with deep xAPI integration

EnergyLogic - Game of Homes

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  • Engaging solution that is easy to use
  • Record and analyze learner’s activities
  • Improve learner’s experience
  • Facilitate user interaction with likes and comments on the course content
  • Leader-boards to promote healthy competition
  • Use Adobe Captivate or Articulate Story-line to author content
  • TinCan/xAPI integration